IRAKLI x Beijing Night of Fashion January 2018

We made our debut show in China earlier this month, in January 2018. You can see the video here or below:

IRAKLI Beijing 2018 - Silk Road collection from IRAKLI on Vimeo.


Held in the capital of China, the show was part of a wider exhibition on fashion, arts and craft of both Chinese and international companies. IRAKLI was invited and the only European designer to showcase our collection.

The Silk Road was the key theme of this year's event. Stemming from the renewed interest China has in developing commercial ties and routes along the historical Silk Road, we came into the show with comprehensive message:

IRAKLI's historic footing is anchored in the Silk Road. Our Creative Director, Irakli Nasidze was born in Tbilissi, Georgia, in central Asia. This small country on the Eastern side of the Black Sea was not only a nod in the merchant roads that tied Europe to Asia, it was and still is a production center of silk. Irakli's youth was spent alongside his Grandmother, unweaving the silk worm cocoons, observing the butterfly and getting his first understanding of the fabric.


Our runway collection, based on the inspiration of the butterflies and using silk throughout, showcased an elegant and feminine approach.
Using silk from Georgia and China, we heralded the long standing link that exists between Europe and Asia, the modern twist on our design further developed the intent that past and present are connected.

IRAKLI Beijing Fashion show


IRAKLI Beijing Fashion show


IRAKLI Beijing Fashion show